Benefits Vendors

NHRS - "The New Hampshire Retirement System (NHRS, "the System") is a defined benefit plan qualified under section 401(a) of the Internal Revenue Code.  NHRS provides benefits to its eligible members and their beneficiaries upon retirement, disability and death.  NHRS has approximately 53,000 active members including firefighters, police officers, teachers, and state and local government employees.  Approximately 22,000 individuals currently receive a monthly benefit from the System."  Quote from  Contact our representative by clicking here.

HealthTrust - "To provide high quality, cost-effective employee benefit products and services for public employers and employees in New Hampshire in order to reduce costs through pooling strategies with a commitment to education, health promotion and disease prevention."  Quote from Contact our representative by clicking here.

PRIMEX - "New Hampshire Public Risk Management Exchange (Primex3) is a public entity risk pool organized and operating as a trust on behalf of member municipalities, schools, counties and other governmental entities.  Primex3 is your premier risk management partner by delivering superior coverage programs, trainings and services that create most successful workers' compensation program of its kind anywhere, to an unemployment compensation program, property and liability coverage, disability coverage and a health program."  A quote from

Group Dynamic - Is the County's provider for FSA's and Health Reimbursement Account administrator.  "Flexible Spending Accounts are comprised of two major components: Health Flexible Spending Account (aka Medical Reimbursement Accounts - MRA) and Dependent Care Assistance Program (DCAP).”   Contact our representative by clicking here

Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield - is the County's provider for insurance which is administered through the HealthTrust on our behalf.  They also provide our life insurance coverage.

Life Resources - is the County's provider for our Employee Assistance Program.  The EAP is a confidential network of providers that can help with "health-impacting life stressors not covered by traditional medical plans complimentary behavioral health therapy (up to 6 sessions per issues), complimentary 30-minute consultation with attorney, complimentary 60-minute phone consultation with financial planner, 90+ online trainings, 5,000+ online resources, Savings Center — Save up to 25% on name-brand, everyday, and luxury items, a LifeResources expert can provide on-site training."  To contact the LifeResources - Employee Assistance Program call 800.759.8122.