Sullivan County Health Care

Sullivan County Health Care (SCHC) is owned by the citizens of Sullivan County and is operated by the County Commissioners to provide residential nursing care for those in need of these services.  SCHC is home to Sullivan County located in quiet and peaceful Unity, New Hampshire.

SCHC staff is committed to providing preventive and restorative care to all its residents.  The physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological needs of each resident are addressed by qualified medical nursing staff and supportive allied health care professionals while maintaining each resident's rights of confidentiality, safety, and quality of life.  Through a comprehensive approach as well as assessment, staff will endeavor to achieve and maintain the maximum potential of each resident.

At all times, resident's wishes are interwoven throughout their care plan.  We strongly encourage residents, responsible family members, or legal representatives to collaborate in the development of their care plan to ensure a comfortable, fun and home-like environment.View of Entryway of into Sullivan County Health Care

  1. Kelly Lainey

    Admissions Director
    Phone: 603-542-9511, ext. 292

  2. Physical Address
    5 Nursing Home Drive
    Unity, NH 03743


    Fax: General: 603-542-9214 Admissions: 603-543-6582