Civil Fees

Effective July 1, 2022 Prepayment of Fees Is Required

Sheriff's Service Fees - RSA 104:31

Non-est (non-service)$12.12Demand for Rent$30.30
Writ of Summons$30.30Eviction Notice$30.30
Writs, (including landlord and tenant)$30.30Small Claims Notice$30.30
Writ of Replevin$30.30Order of Notice (small claims action)$60.60
Writ of Summons w/ petition$36.36Process$30.30
Writ of Attachment w/ petition$36.36Writs of Execution**$30.30
Petitions (requiring in hand service)$60.60Attachment - Personal Property$30.30
Attachment - real estate$30.30Attachment - Bulky Articles$30.30
Bill$30.30Copies$1 per copy
Divorce Libel$30.30Postage & Handling$1 per writ
Libel w/ restraining order$66.66Search, Inventory, Sale, Wait Time$30.30 per hour
Petition w/ restraining order$66.66Travelcurrent Federal rate
Writ of Possession$30.30

**Levying executions, sheriff sale or both, on the dollar:

First $100 levied$0.05
Above $100, not exceeding $500$0.04
Above $500, not exceeding $1,000$0.03
Above $1,000$0.02
Minimum fee$12.00

*For service, when in-hand is required by court order or court rule, an additional $30.00
 For service of a civil order of arrest, $30.00, to be charged to the defendant, unless, the defendant, upon motion, shows the court good   cause for failure to appear

Sullivan County "Estimated" Mileage Chart

Town Distance Charge - effective January 1, 2023
(New Federal Rate 65.5 cents plus 1% increase by county delegation vote .66 cents)

Acworth (center)48$31.44Lempster (east)24$15.72
Acworth (South)44$28.82Meriden46$30.13
Charlestown (South)46$30.13Newport (walk)2$1.31
Charlestown (proper)40$26.20Newport (village)4$2.62
Charlestown (north)28$18.34Newport8$5.24
Claremont (west)24$15.72Plainfield52$34.06
Claremont (compact)20$13.10Springfield30$19.65
Cornish (west)40$26.20Springfield (west)32$20.96
Cornish (flat)38$24.89Sunapee12$7.86
Croydon16$10.48Sunapee (Georges Mills)18$11.79
Goshen12$7.86Unity (east)20$13.10
Grantham20$13.10Unity (HOC/Nursing)22$14.41
Grantham (north)26$17.03Unity (Crescent Lake)28$18.34
Langdon60$39.30Washington (east)36$23.58

Windy Acres28 mi.$18.34Lower Landing40 mi.$26.20
Blueberry Hill40 mi.$26.20Great Meadows40 mi.$26.20
Twin Valley Estates40 mi.$26.20Crown Point Estates40 mi.$26.20
Sunrise Village40 mi.$26.20Connecticut River46 mi.$30.13

Other Fees

Out-of-state send a minimum of $75.

More Information

Please provide us with any information you have about the person(s) to be served, (i.e. date of birth, place of employment, description of residence, etc.)

If you have any questions concerning our procedures or fees, please contact us.