Inmate Commissary Services

Sullivan County Department of Corrections is currently using Oasis Management System. There is no longer mailing of funds allowed. This includes money orders, checks and cash. There is access to the lobby kiosk 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. seven days a week. You can add money to inmate's funds using cash, debit or credit card. 

For transactions under $50 there is a $2.50 processing fee, transactions over $50 is a 10% processing fee. You can also add money to an inmate's account online on the Jail ATM website.

Oasis is a leading service provider of inmate commissary services; Oasis Management Systems Inc. is committed to exceeding customer expectations. Oasis operates exclusively in the corrections industry where quality of service is of the highest importance. Focusing on the development of advanced technology for customers use such as deposit and booking kiosks, fully functional debit-release programs and online ordering, Oasis stands at the fore front of today's high-tech commissary industry. With nearly two decades of dedicated commissary service, Oasis has set the standard for today's commissary market.