Sullivan County Health Care Renovation

OxBlue Construction Cameras

This above image of the Sullivan County Health Care Renovation project is updated every 10 minutes and shows what is currently going on at SCHC.

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Consisting of three joined buildings - Sanders (built in 1931), Stearns (built in 1970), and MacConnell (built in 1997), Sullivan County Health Care (SCHC) is a long term care and physical rehabilitation center that is home to over 150 residents.  SCHC's renovation and revitalization is the largest undertaking of Sullivan County's Capital Improvement Plan.

The $75M project is funded by a variety of sources including 45% of the total from forgivable loans or awards from the State of New Hampshire and the federal government.  Other reserves including the County's Capital Reserve Fund and ARPA fund will be used to fund the project.  The Sullivan County Delegation has authorized bonds up to $35M for the remainder of the project.


  • Planning & Feasibility Phase: Completed Summer 2019
  • Construction Drawings:  Completed March 2020 / Revised April 2022
  • Delegation Approval of Funding and Bond:  $75M Budget Approved November 2022
  • Construction:   December 2022 - December 2025


  • Project Manager:  Mary Bourque, Director of Facilities and Operations
  • Project Advisor:  Derek Ferland, County Manager
  • Project Leadership:  George Hebert, County Commissioner
  • Architect:  Warrenstreet Architects
  • Construction Manager:  Harvey Construction
  • PreConstruction Services:  Milestone Engineering and Construction
  • Contact:  E-Mail Mary Bourque