Sullivan County Health Care Renovation

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Consisting of three joined buildings - Sanders (built in 1931), Stearns (built in 1970), and MacConnell (built in 1997), Sullivan County Health Care (SCHC) is a long term care and physical rehabilitation center that is home to over 150 residents.  SCHC's renovation and revitilization is the largest undertaking of Sullivan County's Capital Improvement Plan.

The renovation's goals are to improve resident spaces meeting today's expectations and regulatory guidelines by creating a more home-like environment to support positive resident outcomes, as well as address deferred maintenance needs of the aging facilities.  Resident rooms will be reconfigured to give every resident a window, increased number of private bathrooms and showers, efficient work spaces for staff, and enhanced spaces for families to visit.  A new addition will replace the existing Sanders building and allow for flexible furniture layouts and improved energy efficiency, something that could not be accomplished with a renovation of the nearly 90-year old structure.   The project will also improve energy efficiency with window replacements in Stearns, as well lighting upgrades and a building energy management system throughout the entire facility.

In mid-2021, the Delegation formed the SCHC Renovation Working Group to validate the design and cost of the project, as well as investigate any other feasible options.  In December 2021, Sullivan County engaged a third-party consultant to advise on the proposed construction costs and the effect of the construction market escalation and supply chain challeges.  After sourcing some potential funding from federal and state resources, the Delegation is expected to hold a public hearing and vote in late July 2022 for a bond to move forward with project.


  • Planning & Feasibility Phase: Completed Summer 2019
  • Construction Drawings:  Completed March 2020 / Revised April 2022
  • Delegration Approval of Funding and Bond:  Anticipated July 2022
  • Construction: TBD


  • Project Manager:  Mary Bourque, Director of Facilities and Operations
  • Project Advisor:  Derek Ferland, County Manager
  • Project Leadership:  George Hebert, County Commissioner
  • Architect:  Warrenstreet Architects
  • Construction Manager:  TBD
  • PreConstruction Services:  Milestone Engingeering and Construction
  • Contact:  E-Mail Mary Bourque