Our Services

Our home is Medicaid licensed for 156 beds as an Intermediate Care Facility (ICF) and is certified by the New Hampshire Bureau of Health Facilities Administration.  The nursing home provides 24-hour Nursing care and other services to residents whose health care needs cannot be successfully managed at home or in a community setting.

Sullivan County Health Care is also a Medicare approved Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF).  If a potential residents doctor determines that Skilled-nursing placement is appropriate, following a qualifying stay in the hospital, we can accommodate their needs.

Once the facility application is completed in full and returned, medical information will be obtained to assist in determining nursing home placement.  If necessary, a home visit will be scheduled with our Director of Community Development.  If an appropriate bed is not available, a waiting list is maintained, with Sullivan County residents having priority.

  1. Kelly Lainey

    Admissions Director
    Phone: 603-542-9511, ext. 292

  2. Physical Address
    5 Nursing Home Drive
    Unity, NH 03743


    Fax: General: 603-542-9214 Admissions: 603-543-6582