Forest Management Plan

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Sullivan County's forested lands are located entirely within the town of Unity, New Hampshire on six tracts. Three of the tracts are connected: Marshall Pond, Unity Mountain and County Farm, while the remaining three are not: Little Sugar River, Stowell and Judkins (see County Lands Parcel Map below). 

Since 1990, Sullivan County has used forest management plans to help guide its management of County lands. In 2018, upon the expiration of the last management plan, the County hired Meadowsend Consulting Co. to develop a new 10-year plan, in collaboration with the Natural Resources Department. The resulting plan will guide the management of County lands until 2030. Consisting of maps and written narrative, its purpose is to support and advance the County's seven primary land management goals, which are:

1 – Demonstrate exemplary forest management that protects soil and water resources;

2 – Promote and conserve wildlife habitat and native biodiversity;

3 – Support and encourage outdoor recreation;

4 – Support and encourage outdoor education;

5 – Encourage community involvement through maintaining and promoting sense of place;

6 – Provide opportunity for traditional land uses such as hunting and fishing; and

7 – Facilitate scientific research

Forest Management Plan

In the forest management plan, each tract has a narrative and 3 maps. There is a Forested & Non-forested Area map, a Riparian Management Zones map, and a Soil Types map. That narrative is to be used in conjunction with the maps and explains the proposed management plans for each tract. All of these documents can be found below. 

Forest Management Plan for Individual Tracts