Lead Paint Abatement & Healthy Homes Program

$1.7 Million Award to Tackle Lead Abatement Projects

Sullivan County NH was awarded a $1.7 Million grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to address lead-paint and healthy homes issues in units occupied by low-income households.  These monies have been used over a three year period that began in January 2021, and is wrapping up in 2023, to protect vulnerable populations, improve housing stock, raise public awareness about the dangers of lead hazards and develop local contractor capacity.  Other organizations who have supported this community project with funding include: JSI Research Institute $36,000; the State & Local Fiscal Recovery American Rescue Plan Act (SLF ARPA) $50,000; local business community minded sponsors who pledged to the NH CDFA Tax Credit Program: Claremont Savings Bank $48,500; Bank of New Hampshire $25,000; Bar Harbor Bank & Trust $15,000; Mascoma Bank $10,000; and, Sugar River Bank $10,000, for a total of $108,500 pledges raised, with $86,800 directly impacting the program efforts.

Check out the video of current tax credit projects, learn more about the tax credit program and access the tax credit calculator on this CDFA page.

Here's a list of properties that have been made lead safe through this program

Are you a Property Owner?

If you are a property owner interested in participating in this program, please see A-C (below):

  1. Income Limits:  Occupants must be at or below 80% of Area Median Family income (AMFI) to qualify for the grant and at or below 90% of AMFI for the 0% loan.  (Example, a family of 4 must make less than $62,000 for the grant - application contains more info)
  2. Match:  Property owners are required to pay 10% of the project costs as owner match.  Match funds cannot come from another federal source, but State funds, such as the 0% loan will qualify, so the program can help by providing match funds if needed.
  3. Lead Hazards:  No funds can be expended on any property without State Environmental review and lead inspection / risk assessment that identifies the presence of lead paint, dust, or soil hazards.

To participate please complete the Property Owner Application PDF.  A free 57-minute Zoom info session was offered February 8 - Access the Owner Info Recording or view the Property Owners Presentation Document (PDF).

Are you a Contractor?

We are looking for local contractors to perform lead abatement work! A free 50-minute Zoom info session was offered January 26 - Access the Contractor Info Recording or view the Contractors Presentation Document (PDF).

To join the contractor list, please access the contractor pre-qualification paperwork (PDF) and submit the paperwork according to the instructions enclosed.  The contractor pre-qualification list is open at all times.  Minority, Woman-owned and Section 3 businesses are encouraged to join.  Please reach out if you need assistance or have any questions.

As a contractor doing business with Sullivan through this government program, you will also need to register with SAM.gov Website Link.

Are you a Tenant in a Rental Property?

If you are a tenant in a rental property and your child has tested with a blood lead level over 3.0 ug/dl please reach out to your landlord and let them know we have funds to help get rid of the lead in your apartment. If your landlord has already applied for our program and is asking you to fill out the tenant application, please fill out the Tenant Application Form (PDF). This is an income based program, so you will be asked to provide proof of your income. If you have any questions about this please reach out to Program Manager, Kate Kirkwood by phone or text at 603-781-4304 or by email at kate@kkirkwood.com.

Are you an Owner of a NH Licensed Child Care Facility?

Through the State of NH Loan Program administered by NH Housing, the Sullivan County Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes Program is pleased to announce that we can assist you with funding to abate lead hazards in your facility.  If your building was built before 1978, we can pay for testing to determine the presence of lead paint, dust and soil hazards.  We can also assist you in finding a contractor to abate these hazards.  There are some income and mortgage requirements that are specific to each project, so please call or email Program Manager, Kate Kirkwood, to discuss your situation.

What is Lead Paint?

Lead is a poisonous metal that may cause health problems, especially in young children.  When lead gets into the body, it can cause damage to the brain, the kidneys, nerves, and blood.  Lead may also cause behavioral problems, learning disabilities, seizures and in extreme cases, death.  Some symptoms of lead poisoning may include headaches, stomachaches, nausea, tiredness, and irritability.  Many children who are lead poisoned show no symptoms.  Lead poisoning is 100% preventable!


Children may be lead poisoned by:

  • Putting their hands and other lead contaminated items in their mouths, such as toys,
  • Crawling around on floors that may have lead-paint dust,
  • Touching lead-paint dust from sanding old paint or renovations of old homes,
  • Playing outside in lead contaminated soil, and
  • Folk remedies


Lead can be dangerous when:

  • There is a chipping and peeling paint inside or outside the home,
  • Lead painted surfaces rub against each other, such as windows and doors opening and closing,
  • Children play in soil and dirt outside a home that is lead painted,
  • Contaminated soil is tracked in to the home on shoes or pets,

For more lead poisoning information, please access the following links:

  1. Kate Kirkwood

    Program Manager for HUD Grant # NHLHBO754-20

  2. Derek Ferland

    Project Director

  3. Sharon Callum

    Fiscal & Procurement Officer